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DCH Bombers

Congratulations to

DCH Honda

They are Summer 2019 Champs

 26                                                      9

  8                                                      20

Sign Steelers


This is a non Alcohol League!!!  

Any Player in possession of alcohol will cause a forfeit for his / her the team 

Who Cares

 2     0       2     0

 1     1       1     1     0     2

 0     2 


 Fall Results

 12                                                     31          

 11                                                     12

Haus of Fain

Brew Jays 

as of  2/22/20

 40                                                     22

 10                                                     24 

NOTE: A forfeit will not only cost you a loss that night but a 1/2 point will be deducted from your point total. At the end of league for every (F) forfeit you loose an additional 1/2 point in the win column.  In the past its been too easy to just say "I cant get enough guys" Something more to think about. Its just not fair to the league and the other teams when this happens.

Adult League Standings