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Fall Classic

November - Hemet 16-17
Toys For Kids
Dec. 19 to 22 - BLD Perris, CA
​​65s & up Play 19th-20th


Winter Classic
 Jan 10-11-12  Hemet, CA
*65s to 75s  Play  Jan 10th* 

Diamond Invitational
 Feb 7-8-9  Hemet, CA
*65s to 75s  Play  Feb 7th*    

​​4th Annual DWR Benefit

March 14-15  Hemet, CA

Wine Country One Day'r

April  18 - Hemet, CA*

Spring Challenge

May 1-2-3  Hemet, CA

*65s to 75s  Play  May 1st*

May  9 Hemet, CA*

40s Men and Women

 Spring  Challenge

Labor Day One Day'r

September  12 - Hemet, CA*