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Postings for 30 days then removed
Players Looking for a Team
3/12  Dennis L. - Looking 65AA AAA  661-305-2050

3/12  Joel - Looking 50 or 55AAA  858-539-9456

Teams Looking for Players
4/6/14 Tuscon Bandits 55M
Needs two outfielders for Vegas
Arnie Vice  909 590-7300

3/12 Kamikaze 50 and 55

Dan Hall 

Meet Bill Roy

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Southern California 
Senior  Leagues
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League Administrator
Marv Ruddell
League Coordinator
Tom Jadwin

 Fountain Valley
Scott Baker


Steve Baranick

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Some sizes left $12


Playing Rules:
pdf Flyer

Refund Policy: Entry Fees are non-refundable after the RSVP deadline. Any team withdrawing after the RSVP Deadline is subject to a $100 penalty. That Penalty will be assessed upon entry of the next tournament. Credits may be given. But NO refunds are given to teams withdrawing within 10 days of the event. "If you tell us your going to be there we expect you to be there" If you need help with players call us. We always have a pool of players wanting to play.

Team Leaving EarlyA team
Leaving a tournament and not fulfilling their obligation to finish has a an adverse effect on the rest of the teams. Therefore that team will be penalized $100. This will be assessed on the the next   tournament they enter.

Lost and Found: If you find anything please turn it in to the tent. There have been two lost bats at recent 
tournaments and so far no one has turned them in. One was brand new.  Lets remember we are an honorable brotherhood of men and women for a common cause.

Registration is OPEN for San Clemente in July 
See event in Tournaments tab for RSVPs
 This Tournament is 58% Sold Out (14 teams)

2014 Events Flyer pdf
2014 Calendar  pdf

$500 in Cash and Prizes - Click above for Details 
Leaders and Points as of  4/15/2014 pdf
Kamikaze 50 (21) - OTE (21) - Top Gun 50 (19)
Kamikaze 55 (16) - Lights Out (14)


     Coming to TEMECULA - May 17-18
83% Sold Out
Early Entry's
50M M+
Nazzareno - Rawlings - L.A.F. - AZ Elite - Vandals
Titans 50 - Sugamele Golf - Git R Done 50
Oxnard Rookies - 
Top Gun 50 - Kamikaze 50
55M M+
Grants Posse 55 - Nighthawks
Lights Out - Kamikaze 55
60AA AAA 65M+
(room for one more team)
 No Guts No Glory - Cal Xtreme - MMS Elite 60
Full Circle - Grants Posse 60

We are limited on Space in Temecula to 24 teams 
This one usually sells out. Please get in Early!

Good Luck to All


Winners Circle

Division 1 

Division 2 
Grants Posse 55

Division 3 
Kamikaze 50
Top Gun Thunder

Division 4 
Lights Out

Division 5 
So Cal 60



Sign Your Team Up Now for the Summer Session
Starting May 29th  2014 

PDF  WORD docx   
WORD doc


Printable Schedule

Round One
March 6th
6:30   Evolution vs Who Cares
7:45  Undr Dawgs vs M.P.M.R.  
Bye: Lunatic Fringe 

March 13th
6:30  Evolution vs M.P.M.R.
7:45  Lunatic Fringe vs Who Cares
Bye: Und'r Dawgs 
March 20th
6:30   Und'r Dawgs vs Who Cares
7:45  Evolution vs Lunatic Fringe
Bye: M.P.M.R 

March 27th
6:30  lunatic Fringe vs M.P.M.R.
7:45  Und'r Dawgs vs Evolution
Bye: Who Cares 
April 3rd
6:30   Und'r Dawgs vs Lunatic Fringe
7:45  M.P.M.R vs Who Cares
Bye: Evolution 

Round Two
April 10th
 6:30  Undr Dawgs vs M.P.M.R.  
7:45   Evolution vs Who Cares
Bye: Lunatic Fringe 

April 17th
    6:30  Lunatic Fringe vs Who Cares
7:45  Evolution vs M.P.M.R.
Bye: Und'r Dawgs 
April 24th
6:30  Evolution vs Lunatic Fringe
7:45   Und'r Dawgs vs Who Cares
Bye: M.P.M.R 

May 1st
    6:30  Und'r Dawgs vs Evolution
7:45  lunatic Fringe vs M.P.M.R.
Bye: Who Cares 

May 8th
6:30  M.P.M.R vs Who Cares
7:45 Und'r Dawgs vs Lunatic Fringe
Bye: Evolution 
May 15th
6:30  (Game 1) #5 seed vs #3 seed
7:45  (Game 2 ) #2 seed vs # 4 seed
 Bye: #1 seed 

May 22nd
6:30   W/Game 1 vs W/Game 2
7:45  W above vs # 1 seed

Directions to Spencer's Crossing Sports Park

 pdf file click to downlaod 

  The One and Only ASA Tested and Approved Composite Covered 375/44 Ball 

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