Limited to 24 Teams.  Six groups of 4

Group #1: Summervile 55M+  Kraze 50M  - Top Gun Diamonds 50M  

Group #3:  Top Gun Hornets 55M - Rawhide 55M -  L.A.F. 55M  6 Team Group

Group #2:  FILLED  Venom 50AAA  - Fossil Fuel 50AAA - So Cal Viejos 50AAA - LB Softball 50AAA  FILLED

  Group #4:  FILLED?  - New Beginnings 55AAA - Top Gun Growlers 55AAA   FILLED

 FILLED   CA Coast Plumbers Inc/Horn 55AAA - L.B. Mafia 55AAA   FILLED

Group #5: FILLED Vandals 60M -  Samurai 60M - Turn 2 60M - So Cal Raptors 60M  FILLED

Group #6: FILLED D&K 70AAA - Git R Done 60AAA - Lights Out 65AA - So Cal Braves 65AAA  FILLED


 Enforcers 55AAA - Lights Out 60AA  


NOTE: For those of you using a Cell Phone. Please use the "Desk Top" option to eliminate distortion 



$60 per Doz

Division One

 First Place  Juiced up  -  RU  Sommerville

Division Two

 First Place  LB Softball  -  RU  Fossil Fuel

Weakend Warriors 60M







​Winners Circle

Refund Policy:  Entry Fees are non-refundable after the printed deadline.  NO REFUNDS are given to teams withdrawing within 14 days of any event.
Reason.. We have to secure fields and pay for them two weeks in advance.  "If you tell us you're going to be there we expect you to be there" If you need help with players call us. We always have a pool of players wanting to play.

Teams droppingA team Leaving a tournament or withdrawing after the schedule date and not fulfilling their obligation to finish has a an adverse effect on the rest of the teams. Therefore that team will be penalized $100. This will be assessed on the the next   tournament they enter.

Lost and Found: Please check with us if you have lost something. I have a good collection of dark glasses along with other items :O)


Division Five

 First Place Samauri -  RU Turn 2

Division Six

 First Place  Git R Done -  RU Wongs



The SCSSA Missile: 

Smooth flight with lots of distance.  

Does not change direction in mid air.

Won't break down in the heat.

​44/375 Sonic Core Technology

Notice to Teams listed: A $100 Deposit is due July 20th

Division Seven

 First Place  D&K Concrete   -  RU Lights Out 60


$60 per Doz

Division Three

 First Place  L.A.F.  -  RU 

Notice to Teams listed: A $100 Deposit is due July 20th


Division Four

 First Place  Top Gun Phantoms -  RU Top Gun Growlers