Schedule of Events


• Jan 10-11 - Hemet, CA

• Feb 14-15 - Hemet, CA

• Mar 7-8 - Hemet, CA

• April 11-12 - Hemet, CA

• May 16 -17 - Temecula, CA

• June 13 -14 - Hemet, CA

• July  11-12 - San Clemente, Ca

• Aug 1-2 - Temecula, CA

• Sept 12-13 - Hemet, CA

• Oct 31 Nov 1 - Hemet, CA

• Dec 12-13 - Hemet, CA

ONE DAY TUNE UP - Nov 1st - $250 - Mens Teams 50 and Up

F.V. Outlaws - Sometimers

Ladies Two day event - November 1st  & 2nd - $350

Sunday Only Co- Ed - November 2nd - $265

 $500 in Cash and Prizes - Click Above for Details  
New Challenge starts November 1st  



Refund Policy: Entry Fees are non-refundable after the RSVP deadline. Any team withdrawing after the RSVP Deadline is subject to a $100 penalty. That Penalty will be assessed upon entry of the next tournament. Credits may be given. But NO refunds are given to teams withdrawing within 10 days of the event. "If you tell us your going to be there we expect you to be there" If you need help with players call us. We always have a pool of players wanting to play.

Team Leaving EarlyA team

Leaving a tournament and not fulfilling their obligation to finish has a an adverse effect on the rest of the teams. Therefore that team will be penalized $100. This will be assessed on the the next   tournament they enter. 

Lost and Found: If you find anything please turn it in to the tent. There have been two lost bats at recent 
tournaments and so far no one has turned them in. One was brand new.  Lets remember we are an honorable brotherhood of men and women for a common cause.


​Winners Circle




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  • September 14th - Murrieta, CA
  • November  2nd - Hemet, CA

Results of the Rain Shortened So Cal Championships

Co-Champion Division #3B
OTE -Cal Xtreme - No Guts No Glory
Co-Champion Division #3A
Gusto - F.V. Outlaws
Co-Champion Division #1B
Wongs - Grants Posse
Co-Champion Division #2A
Top Gun 50 - Kamikaze 50
Co-Champion Division #2B
Kamikaze 55 - Grants Posse
Co-Champion Division #1B
Wongs - Grants Posse
Champion Division #1A
Five Star Challenge Winners
Top Gun 50 - Kamikaze 50 - OTE
Nighthawks - Kamikaze 55