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OG50 50M - Rawlings 50M - L.A.F. 50M 

Advil Knights 50AA - Pony Express 50AAA - LB Softball 50AAA 

So Cal Knights 50AAA - Horn Softball 50AAA

 Sommerville 55M+ - Elite 55M+ - D&K Tradition 55M 

 Southwest Bandits 60M - Nighthawks 60M+

 Rezults Realty 65AAA* - USED2BE 65M 

*will play exhibition

Fusion - SkorMor - Sprit 60 - Express - Rockers - Ladies Choice

We recommend these

Disabled Warrior Charities


 D&K 65M - Advil Knights 50AA - Shadow 50M+ - No Excuses 50AAA - Rawlings 55M 

• Jan 7-8 - Hemet, CA

• Feb 11-12 - Hemet, CA

• March 11-12 - Hemet, CA

• April 8-9 - Hemet, CA

• May 6-7 - BLD Perris, CA

• June  3-4 - Hemet CA

• July 8-9 San Clemente, CA

• August 5-6 - Hemet, CA*

• September 9-10 - Hemet, CA

• October  14-15 - Hemet, CA*

• November TBA*

• December  2-3 - BLD Perris, CA

   *One Dayr (Sat) Men and Women


​Needs to be - 55AA 55AAA 60AA 60AAA 60M 60M+ 65M 65M+ ONLY!

​If you want in I need to know ASAP


DIVISION #2A                                   DIVISION #2B                              DIVISION #2C      


DIVISION #4                                   DIVISION #5                               DIVISION #6  










​Winners Circle

Refund Policy:  Entry Fees are non-refundable after the printed deadline.  NO REFUNDS are given to teams withdrawing within 14 days of any event.
Reason.. We have to secure fields and pay for them two weeks in advance.  "If you tell us you're going to be there we expect you to be there" If you need help with players call us. We always have a pool of players wanting to play.

Teams droppingA team Leaving a tournament or withdrawing after the schedule date and not fulfilling their obligation to finish has a an adverse effect on the rest of the teams. Therefore that team will be penalized $100. This will be assessed on the the next   tournament they enter.

Lost and Found: Please check with us if you have lost something. I have a good collection of dark glasses along with other items :O)


Schedule of Events